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ARTONLINE is your source for wholesale art solutions!

Our program is available to prominent art dealers & consultants, prestigious interior design firms and upscale furniture showrooms.

Buy contemporary landscapes and abstract art paintings, mixed media works and sculpture at authorized dealer wholesale pricing.

As a design professional you have an array of clients: clients that have "important art", some are just starting a collection, and some need pieces to connect their art and d├ęcor. ARTONLINE is the most effective tool any Designer can have in building his clients' Art Collection and growing his own business. You can offer your clients original landscapes and abstract custom made pieces designed around your situation. You can use our services for both residential and contract projects, and the quality of both our paintings and our customer service will never disappoint you.

Please note: To apply for a ARTONLINE Wholesale Art trade account your business must be categorized as one of the following to apply: Art Gallery, Art Dealer/Consultant, Interior Design Firm, Architects, Developers, Furniture Showroom, Art Museum. Your company must have an active retail business license and must be established for a minimum of two years.

You can set up a trade account online or offline. Offline you can set up your wholesale fine art trade account by phoning into the gallery:919821277113

To apply for an Authorized ARTONLINE Fine Art Wholesale Dealer account please send us your details.